XPress 1.1.2 – WordPress + XenForo 2 Integration

XPress is an integration for XenForo 2 + WordPress. because of a one-time setup, XPress saves you time, which helps you to always get data from WordPress. With single sign-on capability, users can log in through one among the platforms. this suggests that you simply can use XenForo or WordPress plugins without restrictions. Premium content and ads can now be used seamlessly between XenForo and WordPress. Set it up once and you’re done.

Compatible with UI.X and UI.X Pro
Or any theme of your choice! XPress is extremely extensible and may be implemented in only a couple of simple steps.

File Name themehouse-xpress-1.1.2+xlink – sagedrive.net
File Size 2 MB
Demo Link Visit Demo
Version Version 1.1.2
Original Price $99.95

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